Trump’s Big Role in Agenda-Cuba

Now with Castro gone, Cuba is on the turning point. Cuba should be on Trump’s agenda.

Donald Trump’s tweets about his political views are not new. But Cuba’s future after Castro is a puzzle. Obama’s plans for Cuba and Trump’s viewpoints at this stage in the economy are all astray.

Fidel Castro has always been the thorn in the eye to the Americans. His charisma and strength to lead the Cuban people since the Revolution in 1959 until he died must definitely mean something. Even though many argue that he was a dictator, it is incredible that he stayed so long in authority; for six decades. One must admit that he miraculously survived all attacks against his regime, and remained the worshipped. Plans to overthrow his regime have been at the most, ineffective. Now, with Castro gone, Cuba’s future is a conundrum, especially with Trump as the head of the USA.

It has been sixty years of strained relationship between the US and Cuba. Decades-old impasse between the US and Cuba all started in 1959, with Fulgencio Batista being deposed by Fidel Castro. Diplomatic relations between the two countries became something near unthinkable, and subject to intense scepticism. The years 2014 and 2016 saw Obama trying to mend the fences by visiting Cuba and drawing up policy directions with Raúl Castro. This is just one side of the story, only in the US. Trump’s side is creating a whole new subject of interest (and anxiety), for Cuba and the rest of the world. Though Trump has supported Obama’s decision to open up relations with Cuba in 2015 with the words “50 years is enough”, the current US President speaks am slightly aggressive story. His tone and attitude clearly say that he expects an overall turnaround in Cuba. Some say it is too idealistic of Trump wanting a complete makeover of the country; their roots have become stronger than a banyan tree; an overnight change is nearly impractical. Conservative Cuban Americans near Trump emphasize that the regime run by Raúl Castro, Fidel’s brother, will be as repressive as Castro’s regime, so America should terminate all connections with Cuba again.

In the meanwhile, a significant US business lobby encourages the idea of trade with Cuba and pressurizing Trump and the US administration to lift the embargo and to normalize relationships with Cuba. They have come to rely on Trump’s business sense for the betterment of these relations. On the Cuban side, as the GDP has risen through the years, Cuban entrepreneurs expect faster economic reforms and growth of their businesses. They believe that the US will be at last open to them, after more than half a century. They hope that Trump will see that both Americans and Cubans have the interest to rebuild relationship.

Communistic Cuba has been a big threat, especially for the USA. However, Trump and his administration may relax now. Yes. Fidel Castro was a unique leader, who was perhaps an anti-hero. But there is are greater problems:  who will replace Castro? And, how will Cuba be reshaped, now that their el comandante is gone? Ironically, Trump will play a key role in the future of Cuba. He may have to be bold in taking a few quick steps to restore faith in his administration, as well as his own adeptness as a negotiator. It is time that Trump took some serious steps towards relationships with Cuba and extend a hand of reconciliation and friendship, and perhaps take it slow in order to reap longer term victories.

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